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MACArrowRefurbishmentsArrowRefurbishment Process

Once your standard block has been received at MAC it will undergo an initial inspection. This involves a detailed optical inspection and full EDX analysis to confirm the work which had previously been quoted for. This inspection also provides us with the opportunity to identify any irregularities which you may not have been previously aware. If anything is identified; during either of these inspections, we will advise and offer our recommendations to rectify these anomalies. Providing that there are no recommendations, the standard block will enter our refurbishment process.

If it is discovered that there is a need to advise on additional work, we will contact you, detailing our findings. The refurbishment of the returned block, will at this point, be put on hold until authorisation has been received to continue. Examples of previous recommendations include:
  • Faraday Cup replacement
  • Standard replacement
  • Calibration standard replacement
Once your standard block has entered our refurbishment process, it will continue via our normal procedures being polished to a ¼ μm and a Carbon Coating re-applied (if required). Your standards will then be tested and checked against the original certification.

The Refurbishment process usually takes 7 days and we aim to despatch your block within 2 weeks.

We are aware of the inconvenience that not having your block may cause, therefore, we are able to offer a substitute block for the duration your block is with us for refurbishment, to help minimise any disruption (please advise during initial conversations if this is something that you may be interested in).

Whilst your block is with us for refurbishment, it may be worth considering the addition of extra standards as the refurbishment process offers an ideal opportunity for this to occur (please advise during initial conversations if this is something that you may be interested in).